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Welcome to The Amalgam Show!

What's up, everybody?!


We are a group of five gents that come together to create videos about pop culture and the things that we care about. 


Each week we have segments on our different playlists; such as our main show 'The Amalgam Show' and 'Amalgam Games Lab' along with trending videos about what is going on in the game and entertainment industry! 


The Amalgam Show brings you the latest, greatest and predictions in video game news, releases and coverage on what the blockbuster consoles are up too. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and more will not escape us - so stay tuned to keep up to date with all the news! 


Join us in our weekly reviews, spoilercasts, reacts! on set-goofs and let's plays!


In joint with our re-launch of The Amalgam Show - this is our brand new intro and logo! 

The Amalgam Show