• Feature: Hardware Features the PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 should have

    While there is a lot of talk about software upgrades with things like backwards compatible and the next generation of streaming video games, something that is still super intriguing by, I have a lot hopes and worries about the actual hardware features of the next generation of PlayStation products from the PS5, PSVR2 and more.

  • Anthem Review: Oh, Say Can You See, It’s an Off-Brand Destiny

    Anthem is the next unfortunate IP to suffer at the altar of EA’s business strategy. This game was consistently lacklustre in pre-release but showed a glimmer of hope with its unique gameplay and the studio’s pedigree bolstering its potential. Unfortunately, Anthem falls short on both these fronts and ever trips getting back up with a litany of technical issues.

  • Kingdom Hearts III Review: Organised Chaos

    My father once tried to describe the game of AFL to me and landed on the phrase “organised chaos”. After spending 35 hours with Kingdom Hearts III this is the only way I can describe this weird and wonderful game.

  • Welcome To The Amalgam Show

    Welcome to the first The Amalgam Show blog post. While a blog post may be a simple feature, this is a big step for Amalgam as it marks the launch of a dedicated website to call our own. With this website, we'll finally be able to publish written content, a passion for a few of us here.