Welcome To The Amalgam Show

    Welcome to The Amalgam Show.

    Welcome to the first The Amalgam Show blog post. While a blog post may be a simple feature, this is a big step for Amalgam as it marks the launch of a dedicated website to call our own. With this website, we'll finally be able to publish written content, a passion for a few of us here.


    The types of written content you can expect here range from reviews to Top 10 lists to opinion pieces and essays. Shannon is currently polishing up his Kingdom Hearts III review and is about to start work on an Anthem review. Keena has written a bunch of things in the past but never had an audience to publish them to so they'll be published on here for historical purposes. Keena will also write new features in the future. It will be a good place for all of us to voice ourselves in a manner that can be more frequent to be articulate in different ways than podcasts allow.

    The website will also allow us to have a central hub for videos and updates for what is going on with the shows and us in general. We will still post to social media but it feels right for us to have a go to destination at the end of the day.


    I wanna thank Nina Hazael, our social media manager, for putting this website together. It'll be a work in progress based on feedback until we are satisfied with it serving our audience effectively. I also wanna thank the rest of the Amalgam crew for helping to build a really fun and creative outlet for us all.


    We hope you enjoy everything The Amalgam Show has to offer in 2019!



    Keena Johnston (CEO, I guess, The Amalgam Show)



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