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What’s up everyone!? I’m one of your hosts Keena Johnston and I love podcasts! Since 2011, I've been following the video games industry with a pretty keen eye and I even gathered a sense of past video games through reading articles listening to podcasts. In 2016, I was really itching to apply my knowledge and share it with my friends and record it and created the Amalgam brand with my brother Kyron, Nathaniel and Dean. After a lot of hiccups, I feel we have finally hit a nice groove and our content is better than ever; something that I am proud of now. Growing up I always had more than a fondness of video games and superheros.


My first console was an original PlayStation where Kyron and I played a lot of Spyro, Crash, Demo Discs, rentals and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. Then Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (2002) came out and I feel in love with everything superheroes. I often get asked what is my favourite console and honest to god, I couldn't tell you. I have so many awesome memories and experiences tied up with them to pick a favourite feels like picking a favourite child (from what I’ve heard).


All the PlayStations, all of Nintendo’s handhelds, all gave me unique and wonderful experiences. Favourite Game on the other hand, I have to answers. Favourite Single Game = The Last of Us (2013). Everything about that game I love. Favourite Game Series = Kingdom Hearts (2002-2019). Everything is enjoyable to me, from the playable Disney movies to the convoluted af plots and characters.


Lastly, my favourite movies. While I don’t have as much of a fondness for films, I still enjoy them, a lot. My favourite is Hot Fuzz (2007). Everytime I watch it, it gets smarter and funny. The satirical nature of it makes it an almost timeless film. My second favourite film is my favourite Superhero movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). A story of political intrigue and superheroes. A story about brothers directed by brothers, something I connected with as I had just moved out of home and I was missing my own brother. And the action. My GOD the action. Feeling Cap bash someone/thing with his shield or when The Winter Soldier punched the shield, feeling the bass vibrate through my body in the theatre is literally unforgettable.


I tried to be a brief as possible writing this but there’s a lot that comes with being oneself, I guess. I hope you enjoy all our awesome content. I really feel 2019 is going to be a good year.

Shannon has been playing games since the age of 5 and has always had a personality that skews towards the creative. 

After finishing high school, he studied Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland. Upon leaving university, he has spent 3 years as a professional actor in Brisbane. In this time, his love for video games intensified as an escape from the busy life style. 

Shannon now enjoys the discussion and critiquing of video games in hope to continue this mediums jouney forward.

His favourite console is the Playstation 2 while my favourite game is Final Fantasy VIII.

What's up everybody, it's me ya boi ahhhh Nate! If I had to describe myself, it would be as a bit of an all-rounder. I do a lot of what all the other fellas do, just probably not quite as well!


I like long walks on the beach trying to catch me some water pokemon, a huge fan of story focused games and a huge supporter of Indie development whether it is in film, music or gaming!


I am a star child of the PC master race, although it may not show on screen and my favourite game of all the is the Fable Anniversary ... more so probably for nostalgia reasons not because it holds up.


This year of 2019, will be a great one for The Amalgam Show. There is a lot of brand new content along with a few events and road trip aventures coming up that I'm really excited for! I can't wait to add some of my own ideas for new series and vlogs to The Amalgam Show, I hope that you'll join us for the adventures of our crew!

Hi, I’m Dean. A little about myself? Well, I do what the other guys do but only better and I look good too.

My favourite console is the Xbox for days, and I love a bit of Halo especially when I can just sit down and really go for it! 

My favourite game of all time would have to definitely be Pokemon Ruby and my first Pokemon ever was Treeko.

I like drinking, then gaming, begin the recovering - sometimes completing it and then starting again!

Did I mention, that I’m Dean?


Aye what do! My name is Kyron, one of the founders of the show. 

My favourite console is honestly whatever the hell is in my hands at the time!

While my console choice isn’t the same, my favourite game will forever be the Infamous series, I don’t know why but they just appeal to me for some reason!

I like to do a wide variety of things, so watch The Amalgam Show to see what weird or mundane shit I’ve been into this week. 

Now watch our channel and subscribe. I’m out!